Monkeys Gone Mental

Monkeys Gone Mental by Hillel GroovattiImage Courtesy Braboowi at WikiMedia Commons

Hey, have you heard this: Monkey’s have a sense of fairness. Scientists have discovered that if you teach a monkey to exchange a rock for food, the monkeys can get upset if they aren’t treated fairly. In an experiment conducted by researchers at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, two monkeys were given one identical rock each. When the first monkey gave its rock back to a researcher, the monkey was given a cucumber in exchange. Then the researchers decided to play a trick. The second monkey, which was in a cage in full view of the first monkey, was given a grape in exchange for a rock.

Apparently monkeys love grapes. So when the cucumber-receiving monkey saw that its neighbor got a grape, it was very unhappy, so much so that it threw the cucumber back at the researcher as shown in the hilarious video below.

Another group of researchers at Yale figured out how to piss off monkeys in a different way. In this experiment, two researchers were used to give out grapes to a group of monkeys: one researcher gave more grapes than shown, and one gave less. This experiment revealed that if you show monkeys one grape and then give them two grapes, they will be happy. However, if you show them three grapes and give them two, they will be very unhappy and will avoid the tricky researcher if given a choice.

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Hillel Groovatti is originally from the United States, but has lived abroad for over fifteen years and travelled extensively--visiting over fifty countries. He currently lives and works in China where he is inspired every day with new story ideas. His first book of short fiction, Totally Losing Face and Other Stories, is currently available on in ebook and paperback formats. Stay tuned for his second book coming out in the second half of 2017. For more information, please visit
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